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Kel is a town in Neelam Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan. It is found 155 kilometers (96 mi) from Muzaffarabad at the height of 6,879 feet (2,097 m) feet.

Transports run every day among Muzaffarabad and Kel in great climate. Scarcely any private inns and a rest place of AJK Tourism and Archeology Department situated there for visitors remain. It likewise has a bank, school, clinic and a bazaar.

The Kel is situated close Line of Control and the street which leads there is non metallic. There are visit avalanches amid Summers, and Snow slides on this street amid winters. In winters every one of the courses are blocked and it is hard to reach there. Every one of these components joined made it a standout amongst the most troublesome spots to reach.

Natural life:

Natural life incorporates Brown Bear. A Leopard was likewise found here couple of years back which was located by Army work force.

Arang kel:

Arang Kel is a rich green town, slope station and place of interest in Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is situated on the slope top above Kel at the height of 8,379 feet (2,554 m) feet


The town is open by a 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) trek from Kel. To reach Kel individuals as a rule go into the Neelam valley from Muzafarabad. Streets are just great from Muzafarabad up to Athmuqam and one can utilize open van administration to reach there. In the wake of passing Athmuqam, one needs to utilize an individual or leased vehicle to go through Keran, Kutton, Dawarrian and Sharda and after that to reach Kel. Kel is found only 19 kilometers (12 mi) ahead from Sharda at the elevation of 6,879 feet (2,097 m).

Convenience and visitor houses:

Excellent visitor houses can be effectively found in the scope of Rs1000-Rs2000 ($10-$20) per individual. Nourishment won’t shabby either as local people need to utilize jackasses and ponies to take sustenance things from Kel to Arang Kel.