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Gilgit-Baltistan (Urdu: گلگت بلتستان‎), formerly known as the Northern Areas is the northernmost territory administered by Pakistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) is most extreme delightful spot where all that we found from Mountains to deserts, waters to icy masses, infertile grounds to thick woodlands, felines to panthers, honey bees to birds and shakes to valuable stones what Nature has consummately introduced at their specific spots. This spot pulls in individuals from round the globe in light of its modern beguiling magnificence. Then again, individuals here are exceptionally extraordinary in light of their rich convention and culture which adds the excellence in itself to this spot.

  • Shigar Valley
  • Gilgit Valley
  • Hunza Valley
  • Nagar Valley
  • Skardu Valley
  • Rupal Valley
  • Yasin Valley
  • Naltar Valley
  • Bagrot Valley
  • Chiporsun Valley
  • Chorbat Valley
  • Gorikot Valley
  • Haji Gham Valley
  • Hispar Valley
  • Hopar Valley
  • Kharkoo Valley
  • Ishkoman Valley
  • Kunar Valley
  • Khaplu Valley
  • Hushay Valley
  • Thalay Valley
  • Thagus Valley

GB is an agrarian based society; their monetary reliance depends on selling foods grown from the ground and so forth. Land setting and excellence changes the financial reliance over single alternative. The travel industry has now turned out to be new and predominant wellspring of salary at the beginning of globalization which in these days considered as a spine of economy in GB.

In most recent quite a long while the rate of neighborhood and remote vacationer has been expanding at exponential rate and products to come in future. Whatever the travel industry presents to us the financial flourishing, social changes are much extensive. All the more accurately with regards to effects of the travel industry, is completely sensational. There must be some positive changes as far as unmistakable can imagine improvement, foundation and monetary success and then again there are some immaterial rushes of dangerous components which definitely impacts on the qualities and culture of certain territory.

The travel industry is a routine with regards to going for delight particularly on one’s occasions. It is a sorted out voyage amid which a few spots are visited. The travel industry isn’t only a business for giving delight and rest. It is currently developed into a major industry. Most as of late by years countless nearby and remote visitors have being coming to GB thus individuals acquire a ton and improving their personal satisfaction. The travel industry has caused the development of movement organizations and visit administrators, foundation of inns and visitor houses, eateries and eating houses and creation of extravagance transportation. It has additionally empowered the restoration and modernization. Also, some little scale bungalow businesses whose craftsman and skilled worker have now overflowed the market with endless blessing things and trinkets. It its own specific manner the travel industry is in this manner endeavoring to explain a piece of our tremendous joblessness issues, including social trade, wellbeing and health, development of administration division, amusement and outside trade profit also.

The travel industry additionally as an extreme mass development towards lovely places to make them a lot dirtier. Harm to the scene: litter, disintegration, fires, unsettling influence to domesticated animals, vandalism. Traffic blockage and contamination. Nearby merchandise can end up costly on the grounds that travelers will pay more. Shops stock items for travelers and not regular merchandise required by local people. Interest for occasion homes makes lodging unreasonably costly for neighborhood individuals. Interest for improvement of more shops and lodgings. Employments are chiefly regular, low paid with extended periods of time.

Neighborhood and national government should work with nearby networks and different associations to attempt and make the travel industry increasingly practical.

Things like to Show guests how they can be capable voyagers with occasions, pamphlets, data focuses, guided strolls and occasions, signs and sites. Urge guests to desert their vehicles and utilize greener travel, similar to bicycles, transports, pontoons and trains. Bolster open air exercises that don’t harm the farmland or mischief untamed life. Urge guests to purchase neighborhood items and sustenance. Run green business plans to urge organizations to reuse, diminish vitality, monitor water and be practical. Approach neighborhood networks for their perspectives and thoughts by setting up gatherings, gatherings and discussions. Lessen disintegration brought about by guests, by making and fixing trails. Use arranging strategies to control the spread of structures in developed regions advancement. Energize environmentally friendly power vitality productive structures with arranging arrangements and concede financing. Energize little scale sustainable power source plans, as woodchip boilers and sun oriented boards, with arranging strategies and give subsidizing.

This a definitive route through which individuals of GB can endure and improve their personal satisfaction just as reinforces the manageable the travel industry into GB.