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Jheel saif ul malook

Jheel saif ul malook

Lake saif ul malook:

No outing to Kaghan Valley is finished without a visit to the amazing Lake Saiful Muluk. The lake is named after Prince Saif-ul-Muluk. Who experienced passionate feelings for a pixie from the mountains.At 10,500 feet, Lake Saif ul Maluk is encompassed by noteworthy snow clad mountains and delegated by the summit of Malika Parbat(Queen of the Mountains). The most noteworthy crest in Kaghan Valley, the superb Malika Parbat has a tallness of 529 meters. Words can’t portray the excellence and serenity of the setting and picture postcards do no equity. The crystalline waters of Lake Saiful Muluk reflecting the encompassing snow secured mountains is a picture that must be seen in person.There are a few different ways to achieve the lake. At the edge of the valley toward the east of Naran, an I0 kilometer track leads through a picturesoue valley. A jeep can be leased in the bazaar and driven up in 60 minutes, or the more daring can stroll to a little ice sheet around 3 km up and contract a horse for the trek. Strolling the whole way is likewise an alternative, and takes around three hours for the 8 km trek. This choice is just for the individuals who are fit enough to move around 3000 feet in eight kilometers.There are a few decent trekking chances from Lake Saiful Muluk. See trekking segment for more subtleties

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